Cotton Candy Machine
  Popcorn Machine
  Fry Ice Machine
  Ice Machine
  Hot Dog Grill
  Smokeless Baking Oven
  Capper Machine

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The cotton candy machine that my factory produces has already applied for national patent. The number of patent is: 2006200571861.5.

Business license
The company is engaged in the production and sale of small cost products professionally. Through research for several years, we have developed a series of products which cost is low and profits is good.
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Factory Address: No.1 Chenggaokeng Erwan Community Dagang Town Panyu District Guangzhou City Guangdong Province China

Sale Address: Lvtingyayuan Dagang Town PanYu District Guangzhou City Guangdong Province China

Work Time: 8:30AM--21:00PM






















       With 5 Rollers

       With 7 Rollers

       With 9 Rollers


       Gas Fryer(2-Tanks
       & 2-Baskets)

      Electric Fryer(2-
      Tanks & 2Baskets)

      Electric Fryer (1-
      Tank & 1-Basket)


          Electric infrared
         and anthracitic
         barbecue oven

       Gas infrared and
        anthracitic barbecue
    oven (double switches)

       Gas infrared and
       anthracitic barbecue
       oven (single switch)


      Semi-auto Capper

      Automatic Capper

  Common manual capper

      Manual Capper

      Bowl Capper


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